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One of the great things about quitting my job is that now I have evenings free. I like to sit down after dinner and watch Netflix while I knit. Not only can I make stuff, but keeping my hands busy prevents mindless snacking!

I’ve got more hats and scarves than I know what to do with, but one thing I can never get enough of is handmade wool socks. My feet get cold very easily, and I basically live in socks all through winter, even sleeping with them on. So natural wool is a must for comfort and breathability. Having them made by hand just makes them all the nicer.

I use patterns from the book Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. What I like about this book is that it gives patterns for each size of yarn, from fine sock yarn all the way up to chunky yarn. I don’t even have to think about guage, etc. I just flip to the right page and begin. The book also has details on the trickier aspects of sock knitting, such as the heel flap or picking up selvedge edges for the heel turn, and the Kitchener stitch for sewing up the toes, which I always need to review! Finally, it contains dozens of cable and lace patterns if you want to get fancy! I don’t have the patience for that; plus it makes it hard for me to watch a movie and knit as I need to focus on the pattern.

My favourite way to knit socks is two at a time on a pair of circular needles. But if I don’t have the right size I’ll happily use double-pointed needles, especially if it’s a simple stockinette pattern that doesn’t take too long (otherwise I suffer from single sock syndrome, where by the time you finish one sock you really don’t feel like repeating the whole process a second time!). If you are new to knitting or need a refresher, I recommend Very Pink Knits on YouTube. They have great tutorials for all kinds of knitting techniques, including this one for knitting two socks at a time on a pair of circular needles.

The socks below are a pair I just finished. I used a 2×2 rib and continued it on the top part all the way down to the toes. I don’t wear open shoes in the winter, so the extra bulk isn’t an issue for me. For the socks in the top photo, I just used a simple stockinette stitch because the striping pattern is more complex and I think it shows better without ribbing.


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  1. Pretty coloured socks.

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