A clarification (for Ania)

To answer a comment posted by Ania, I will clarify my post of yesterday. ‘Cuz I love anybody who reads my blog! 🙂

I didn’t leave the school. I was in the observation room, which is a one-way mirrored room that looks into the classroom. The door to the observation room is in the school hallway. If DD had wanted to see me, I could see her going to the classroom door, and then I could just go out in the hallway to greet her. In fact, at one point I thought she had gone to look for me and I went over there, but she hadn’t gone to look for me after all.

My original intention had been to leave the school altogether. But after she asked if I would stay in the hall where she could see me if she wanted to, and I said “yes”, then I knew I couldn’t leave the school UNLESS she knew about it. It meant having to go back in and tell her I’m leaving the school grounds, and I decided not to do that. I would not have left the school with her thinking I’m only just in the hallway.

What was so great about yesterday is she didn’t once go to the door to look for me.

Hope that explains it! 😀

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One thought on “A clarification (for Ania)

  1. Mr Bill

    I come as a visitor from a (brand new) BLOG, far far away, but with same name. It occured to me afterwards to see what other BLOGs shared the “Am I there yet?” name and yours is so rich – I’ve only read a bit, but you write so well and from the heart.We will remain on different coasts in different life stages, but I’ll visit now in then if you don’t mind. Keep it up.Mr Billhttp://toonline.com/blog

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